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Company Profile

The predecessor of Foshan Pioneer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is Foshan Shunde District Pilot Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd., registered in 2002, specializing in the development and manufacture of small machine tools, teaching equipment for 10 years, with strong professional technology, first-class Product line. Because the company's products are far ahead of the industry in terms of innovation and practicality, they quickly occupy large markets in China and are exported to more than 80 countries in Europe and the United States. In the past 10 years, the pilot company and its products have been honored with honors such as "China National Star Enterprise", "Key New Product of Guangdong Province", "National Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest Skills Testing Equipment", "Special Contribution Award for Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest", etc. The title was also awarded as the designated product of the “National Support for Youth Out-of-school Activities”. .

Under the premise of the company's profound innovation and R&D strength and excellent quality, through continuous development, the Pioneer Company is adhering to the past and seeking to continuously expand its development, so as to treat the market with a professional and sincere attitude. Currently, the products developed by the Pioneer Corporation have New and improved miniature universal machine tools, high-performance metal universal machine tools, aluminum alloy machine tools, small precision machine tools, small CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, CNC test benches, laser engraving machines and various aviation models, navigation models, architectural models, vehicles Models and models supporting equipment, such as nearly 100 kinds of products. The products are widely used in various types of out-of-school education and primary and secondary schools, high school labor and technical classes, general practice courses, general technical courses and mechanical and electrical integration of vocational colleges, numerical control technology and other "professional, focused, focused", Foshan City Pioneer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming the most professional small machine tool manufacturer in China.

"Excellence and constant innovation" is the goal pursued by all of our pioneers. We use advanced technology, superb production techniques, strict inspection methods, excellent product quality, reasonable and reasonable prices, and warm and thoughtful services for Chinese education. Your contribution to your career.